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A place where you people can post fics/arts related to the past gundam series, so long it fits the 30 themes.


1. No plagarism, be original!
2. You need not do the themes in order.
3. You can claimed a maximum of 2 couple, by doing so... you will have to complete both 30 themes for each pairings.
4. Please try to produce something once in 4 months, for if you are inactive for 4 months. The pairing claimed will be placed back for plp to request.
5. collaboration is allowed, but keep it to only 2 person. Merging of themes into a story is allow.
6. Crossovers between Gundam series/other fandoms are welcome, so long it involves Gundam series
7.Lastly, have fun!
8.Affliations are welcome, either email me at jgal1987@gmail.com, with the subject 'Affliate' or ... simply leave a comment in either the post with 'request' or 'claim' pairings post.


1. Meeting Point
2. Chemistry; jolt
3. Interests
4. Curiousity
5. Depressed
6. Sanctuary; haven; seeking comfort
7. News; letter; phone call
8. lost signal
9. Missing in Action
10. War; Battle
11. Inner conflicts; Struggles
12. Hope; Faith; Belief
13. Loneliness
14. Peace; Tranquil
15. Peace before a storm; premonition
16. Moving on
17. Looking back
18. Reminisce
19. The road home
20. Love; Trust; Friendship
21. Crack; broken
22. Leaving; departure
23. New Beginning; start anew
24. Fresh
25. Smile; laughter
26. Technology advances
27. Two worlds apart
28. Close to your heart
29. Reunited
30. Happily ever After


31. Touch
32. Warmth
33. Promises; Vows
34. Unbreakable
35. Seeds

When posting, use the format below

Theme(s): #(number and word)
Author's notes: (if any)
Summary: (if needed)

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Series/Pairings Claimed

Gundam Seed/Destiny

Kira Yamato/Yzak Jule - jgal87
Athrun Zala/Kira Yamato - clair3
Yzak Jule/Miriallia Haww - jgal87
Athrun Zala/Shinn Asuka - uzuhi & wolfn
Kira Yamato/Lacus Clyne - amecandy
Cagalli Yula Atha x Kira Yamato - _yukisuki
Cagalli Yula Atha x Athrun Zala - _yukisuki
Rey Za Burrel x Lunamaria Hawke - whitekiss1832

Gundam Wing

Heero Yuy/Duo Maxell - eiji_kitty_chan
Heero Yuy/Duo Maxell - rougewarrior869
Milliardo Peacecraft/Quatre Winner - syllyra

G Gundam

Domon Kasshu/Allenby Beardsley - rabid_muffins
Domon Kashu/Raine Mikamura - rougewarrior869

Gundam 00
LockonNeil/Tieria - karinablue_rose